About the first centenaries there's little known. We only know that the Baroque altar refers to the 200th anniversary of the miracle.

In the archives we find data about other centenaries. So we can find, several processions took place in the same year.

In 1954, on the occasion of the 475th birthday of the miracle, the procession also went two times that year. The procession was partially renovated and expanded. It consisted of three parts: - the life of Mary  - the piety to Mary  - and Our Lady of St John.

At the 5th centenary, on July 1 1979, the procession was completely renewed and 1400 people toke part of it. It contained three parts: - Mary, mother of Christ and the Church - historical evocation - homage of Our Lady of St John, with the apotheosis: the Triumph-car

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