In 1680 there was for the first time a 'Triumph-car'.

The following centuries several new cars were build. On the car the miracle scene was performed, and the statue was borne by 12 men.

In 1909, the year of the coronation af the statue, a new triumph-car was build.In this car the statue was placed on a throne under a red velvet canopy. The next years the triumph-car didn't ride no more till 1929.

In 1929, on the occasion of the 450th anniversary of the miracle,this happened again.

In 1945, the car was rebuild and modernized. The car was towed by two big white horses adorned with a beautiful blue mantle.

Since, this car was restored for several times and even renewed for a part in 2005.

Every year, 'The Triumph-car with the statue of Our Lady of St John' is the show-piece of the procession. Even when the weather doesn't allow and the procession is cancelled, this car always come out !

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