1. Police officers

Poperinge invites us

2. Royal Band St.- Cecilia of Poperinge
3. Town herald and horsemen

origin and christianization

4. Pupurninga-villa becomes abbey territory warriors country folk donation to the missionaries Walbert
5. Christianization of Pupurningahem: monks

first blooming period

6. First by-law warriors dignitaries + Dirk of the Alsace with retinue
7. Cloth guild
8. Magistrate
9. Crafts and trades
10. Armed guilds St. Joris: St-Sebastiaen, St-Andries, St-Michiel


11. Pestilence group beggars and sick people
12. Weaving ban
13. Jacob from Artevelde members of Flanders group unemployed house weavers
      Master Ghybe, Citizens of Poperinge, French and English soldiers

second blooming period

14. Hop dance
15. Rhetoricians
16. Flag-waving
      Medieval band

miracle and worship

17. Miracle group leading figures + people dignitaries
18. Prayers' group men Magnificat group (female singers)
19. Waving with Mary flags

Mother of Jesus

20. Virgin Mary at the well
21. Virgin Mary gives life shepherd with herd men, women, children and musicians
      children with mother the three wise men
22. Temple group
23. Wedding of Kana

Our mother

24. Jesus meets his mother
25. Virgin Mary confronted with the suffering float with grieving women
26. Resurrection scene white cross children choreographic group torchbearers ship float

We honour Our Lady of St. John

27. Dance of joy
28. Countries group float
flags group European flag
29. Guest group
30. May group
31. Candle trolley
32. Rosary trolley
33. Flower trolley
34. The Royal Band St.-Stanislasspeelschaar

Virgin Mary, we remain faithful

35. Flags of various associations
36. Group with authorities, civilian authorities, fire brigade, clerical authorities
37. Carillon
38. Choir of joy torchbearers
39. Triumph float with miracle statue
40. Horsemen

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