Mario POLLEY                           Responsible for order                                                                                                                                                     

Luc BUSEYNE                           Responsible for the flowers    


Johan CAULIER                        Responsible for the service Carts


Jef DE GERSEM                        Secretary 


Stijn DEPREITER                     
Responsible for the photos and images                  

Ludo DUMON                           Responsible for the service Make-up                                                         

Frederic HOORNAERT               Assistant to the responsible for the service Recruiting                                             


Marc MAES                              Responsible for the service Animals                                                                     

Dominiek MOENS                      Priest of the federation of Poperinge                                                     

Wannes RABAEY                       Responsible for the service  Music                                                                            

Magda THORREZ                      Responsible for the distribution of drinks and gifts for the children (extra services)   


Liesbet VANDERMARLIERE         Responsible for Direction        

Colette VAN HECKE                 Treasurer, responsible for the service of Finances


Valérie MOUTON                       Assistant for Publicity


Ilse WARMOES                          Responsible for the clothes




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