Mario POLLEY                                                                                                                                                                Responsible for order            

Luc BUSEYNE   0494/99.32.89   

Responsible for the flowers                                

Johan CAULIER                                                                    057/33.44.62              
Responsible for the service Carts

Jef DE GERSEM                                                                             057/33.48.55              

Stijn DEPREITER                                                   
Responsible for the photos and images

Ludo DUMON                                                                         057/33.68.64              
Responsible for the service Make-up

Frederic HOORNAERT                                                                     057/33.81.71 (after 6 p.m.)

Assistant to the responsible for the service Recruiting

Marc MAES                                                                               057/20.81.36              
Responsible for the service Animals

Dominiek MOENS                                                                         057/33.46.93              
Priest of the federation of Poperinge 

Wannes RABAEY                                                                              0477/53.17.33              
Responsible for the service Music 

Magda THORREZ                                                                                       057/33.68.64              
Responsible for the distribution of drinks and gifts for the children (extra services)

Liesbet VANDERMARLIERE                                                                           0486/62.35.04            
Responsible for Direction 

Colette VAN HECKE 057/33.68.91           
Treasurer, responsible for the service of Finances

Valérie MOUTON


Assistant for Publicity




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